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Studyonit has everything you need to build and develop your research. Start your project and let Studyonit build your library, suggest you relevant papers, provide a stunning workspace with smart solutions to work on your papers.

Smart PDF

Our smart solutions motivate you to read papers. It combines advantages of studying on digital documents and paper documents.

Be Organized

Studyonit organizes your work and relevant files itself, without any effort, on your personal cloud.

Smart Guide

Studyonit senses your needs using cognitive algorithms and suggests spot-on publications. .

Collective Workspace

Build a mutual library with your team and view your supervisor's and teammates' contribution to the work.

Studyonit Digital Pen

Write or draw on your computer as if on a paper using IoT based Studyonit Smart Pen and store them on your personal cloud.

Smart Naming

You don't need to deal with badly named documents anymore, Studyonit names them for you.

Share Your Knowledge

You can transfer your cumulative knowledge to your new team member more effectively. .

Professional Network

Join the global academic network, access knowledge and opportunities.


We're working hard to be ready in 2018!

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